Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Customer!

Rosemary asks:

"I have a question: If I married my second husband twice making him my third husband as well, does that mean I was married four times or can I just meld the 2nd and 3rd mistakes into one? Saying I have been married 4 times is a bit Elizabeth Taylorish."

Dear Rosemary,

First, I want to thank you for being such a brave pioneer and volunteering to be my first victim, er, "patient".

As far as your problem goes: Embrace your inner La Liz! In fact, I would recommend simply referring to yourself as having been married four times, and leave out the part about the "do-over". You could have a lot of fun making up the details about husband #2. "After six months of marriage, I came home to find him and his things gone. He left me a note, saying he was sorry for letting me think he was the manager of the local Jiffy Lube when in fact he was a CIA operative and his cover had been blown. He begged me not to try and find him. God, I miss his dip stick."


OK, we have to stop now.


rosemary said...

You are so right on!!! His dip-stick was a little on the ahh, well, you can figure it out. Why I married him again...who knows, a lapse. I feel your advice was worth twice the fee! Thank you so much.

kenju said...

Panthergirl, this blog is great! You should hang out a shingle in real life. I love your answers, and I will be back. Michele snet me today.